Hebrews 11:6

"...for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him." Hebrews 11:6



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sam....almost 9 months - Steven Edward quite two

So, one day I woke up and realized Sam was a real little person with a personality - not just the second that you try to pacify so that you can deal with the first. On that day....i realized he was almost one too! (I know I know, this is still 3
months away...but that is so close!) He has been a
joy to get to know and seems nothing like brother. It is amazing to see such different personalities come from the same parents.
*He is always smiling or yelling. He entire personality is just louder than Steven Edward's ever was. He smiles louder, he yells louder, he eats louder....
*He was slower to start moving, but fast in the continuum. He started crawling well and pulling up on the same day (8.5 months-ish) and was borderline cruisng a week later. He has already figured out in this short span of time how to sit down without using his hands. In fact he was climbing steps on Sunday in church.
*He is always in clothes that are slightly too big for him. This is relevant because when he crawls he pushes with his left foot and drags his right foot. So he often gets his foot stuck up in his clothes, attempts to stand (even though his foot is standing on his clothes), and takes a tumble or gets frustrated with the confusion of the situation.
*He seems to be a drama-"king" No matter the type of fall (hard or easy), he MUST yell so that I can see him and either sympathize or pick him up.
*He is a jabber box
*He always wants to be playing beside or on top of his brother. This can be a source of frustration with Steven Edward seeing as Sam doesn't always understand the rules that Steven has set up for playing with his toys.

The funny part about having my second is that while I remember so much - there are many things that I had totally forgotten. I am beginning to have to tell Sam no (now that he is mobile), and man I'd quite forgotten how to do that with an infant.

Steven Edward seems to go in an out of two year old tantrums, but from what we've had to deal with is doing quite well with being two (I'm sure it will come!) He is quite the little flirt and loves spending time outside...especially in water. His memory constantly amazes me and he LOVES to sing. He walks around the house singing Wheels on the Bus, ABCs, Jesus loves me, or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...which ever he decides he is interested in that day. He has the self-proclaimed nick name of G-pepper. If you ask him his name he has started giving his nickname about 50% of the time. And he thinks he is adorable when he does it. He has started thinking it is funny to give you the wrong answer to questions (for example he often tells you the wrong color and laughs...or that he is one instead of two) and he is very into comparing things. His new obsession is David and Goliath. The only Bible stories I have been allowed to read in the last two weeks have been ones that have David in it - and sometimes he is very specific about which ones. We recently brought up a lamp that my husband had in his childhood with cowboys on it and he informed me that it was David, Goliath, and God. We explained the third had to be Jonathan in order to steer away from theological questions at such an early age! He is also quite the flirt. Whenver he does something wrong or when he wants a hug he will run up to me with this sideways grin and say, "Hey mama" in the sweetest voice he can conjure up. We have just started to see a bit of brother on brother violence. He has been known to shove Sam on his face and proclaim that it is tummy time. Or roll over on him while i'm in the other room and I rush in to Sam screaming Steven is saying, "Sam okay mama, Sam okay."

They definitely keep me on my toes, but now that Sam is capable of getting around of his own, he is so much happier....making my life so much easier. My life is rarely quiet, but is almost always enjoyable.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

For the 4th, we had a picnic for some of the young families at our church. We did the traditional cookout with hamburgers, blankets on the lawn, and the big hit....the slip and slide. Some of the fathers even took a turn or two!

The kids seemed to have a great time. Steven Edward loved hanging out with the older kids. Sam was virtually the perfect baby because he had so many people to watch and entertain him. Steven and i finished up our night sitting on our porch listening to the fireworks being set off at Lake Julian (less than 2 miles away). We couldn't see them through the trees, but they were beautiful in my imagination. Our neighbor also set off private fireworks in their yard at the same time so we did get the occasional glimpse!

New Sam facts -
*I did forget to mention in the last post that Sam has three teeth. The bizarre part is that they are all bottom teeth. He kept acting like he was teething, and I kept feeling on the top of his mouth....then one day out pops a new bottom tooth! What a weirdo!
*He also pulled up by himself yesterday for the first time. Way to go Sam. Now we're at a new level of child proofing our place. Yipee.