Hebrews 11:6

"...for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him." Hebrews 11:6



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The First Day

Today is the first day of school for my big boy!  I can't believe it.  I have been waiting and anticipating this for 5 years.  We have done no form of pre-school, so this is going to be a big change for everyone.  Because he is a thinker, and loves being at home, I have been talking it up for over a year.  This came back to bite us both about a month ago.  I started to dread/worry, and hating transition, just wanted the day to come.  The past two weeks has been wrought with sadness on Mom's part, and suppressed stress on his part.  He has been having "tummy aches" for 2 weeks.  When I tried to tell him that I thought he was just nervous, he crumbled on the floor, and looking up at me said, "I just can't bear it, Momma."  That was almost a week ago.  Well, we made it through the week, and as surely as the sun rises.... today came.  Surprisingly, he woke up at 6am ready to go, beaming with excitement.  Even though last night was a sleepless one for me, today was made easier by his excitement.
This picture makes it look like Sam was unimpressed with his brother leaving.  And this was one of my biggest fears for him, as they are such good buddies.  Isn't it funny how that happens?  Our biggest fears and worries generally turn out to be nothing at all, or not even close to what we've created them to be in our minds.  Yet we go on worrying.  But Sam has actually handled being the center of attention surprisingly well!  He is super hyper this morning, is loving being read to, and is ready to head to the Health Adventure with our friends (which was our plan to keep us both busy).  I think he will adjust quite well to being the oldest at home. 

 The boys heading off to school together!  Some moms take their kids in a little late to hug, cry, and say goodbye, but Steven Edward told me he wanted his Daddy to do it.  So it made it easy on mom for sure.  No tears yet.
 Other than Eliza.... who was left behind to take the above picture.
Here is a picture of Steven with his teacher.  She is great and has made him feel super-welcome.  He has already drawn her a picture and it is already on her bulletin board.  He is in great hands at a great place where Daddy is just down the hall.  I suppose for a first Kindergarten experience, this is a pretty good one!  I'm praying for you, son.  I love you and the house is much quieter already. I suppose mom will adjust to that as well.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Today is the Day....

There is something extremely special about having a little girl after having two boys.  I love my boys.  I love them so much, but having a girl last is a totally different experience.  I told myself when she was born that I would NOT baby her.  Even though she was a girl, I would treat her the same.  She would NOT be a princess....I told myself....

It didn't take long to realize there are certain survival tactics that happen with a third.  Most stereotypes exist for a reason, and she is indeed our baby.  So as I cook dinner and she is screaming at my feet, I hand her a piece of cheese.  Or as I'm carrying on a conversation and she is screaming I either: a.give her some of my food, b.put her on my lap, or c. pick her up.  I sometimes put her in her crib to gain control.  But she IS LITTLE....right.... I have realized these are behaviors that teach a child to scream to get what they want (and I don't ALWAYS cave.... REALLY).  And I know I need to break them....and I will.... I will....

Either way, today is the day I decided to just let her feed herself.  Not because I wanted to have a child that could self-feed with a spoon, but because I wanted a child who would stop screaming at me. 

Score:  Eliza-1 Mommy-0
This is the face of a child who knows they have won.

Don't climb in that stroller, it is NOT for climbing and riding in. 

Score:  Eliza-2  Mommy-0

But isn't there something to letting your children do things that makes them happy so you can get something done?  Surviving?  Isn't there something about choosing your battles.... right.... RIGHT?!!!

Oh - well.  I will choose to start this battle at 18 months.  And I suppose I've chosen not to battle the stroller and she is the last and it needs not survive another child.  I'm such a push over.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Whirlwind of a July

In July We......

Threw a 4th of July party where we had sparklers for the first time!!!




Drove to Richmond to visit my Nanny and George, and my uncle, aunt, and cousin!

...where we ate and played at Chuckie Cheese!  (I told my children they only exist in Virginia :))

Made candy apples.    
 Went for a picnic, read books, played outside, had lots of good coffee, and built marble towers.

Then we drove to the lake to camp with my family....

...where we laughed, tubed, attempted to ski, saw my sister and her kids for a day, slept in a tent (other than Eliza) and ate spaghetti for the first time.

Then we drove down to the Gulf in Alabama,

where we....

...caught our first real fish (a croaker and a pin fish),

attempted to ski again (he got up almost everytime, but just didn't stay up too far), and tubed.

We also acted kind of silly,

played in the bay,

had a cookout on the beach in the abnormally cool weather for Alabama in July (it was great!),

and went to the creek and dove from the diving board,

where we did a few front flips.

Then we went shrimping!

Where we.....

  ...played with cousins, sting rays, crabs, shrimp, fish, seagulls, and a dolphin.

All things considered, I'd say we had a pretty good July.  Thanks for making it possible, family!