Hebrews 11:6

"...for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him." Hebrews 11:6



Thursday, September 25, 2014

Take A Picture With A Hay Scarecrow For Me!

I miss you Steppe Orchard!  But it is starting to cool down here as well.  We don't have colored leaves yet, but they will come.  We caved this week and made our first batch of pumpkin bread, and got some tissue paper to substitute for those colored leaves in our craft projects!  We are also headed to Atlanta this weekend to visit good friends from NC, and go to a Braves game.  They have promised to bring me a bag of my favorite NC apples!  Next year we'll have to make a trip up there during picking season!

Wanted to report that Sam is doing well.  It took Mama much longer to adjust than it did Sam!  He has been a trooper and I haven't heard him complain yet.  He is still doing school, with his chin, mouth, and left hand.  He is still playing and two days ago, much to his mother's dismay, he even made it down a fireman's pole with one arm.  When I asked him what would happen if he fell, he assured me he would hold on with his feet.  Oh to be a little boy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So much to tell!

Sorry for the lack of posts guys!  I will blame that on homeschooling and keeping my house going.  But we are doing well!  We had people over for dinner every night this weekend and Steven turned in his first paper.  And most days I really like schooling them.  So we're headed in the right direction.

We have added several notches to our Birmingham belt, which include going to the last Barron's game, running the bases, , starting soccer, and a visit to the Children's Hospital ER.  Sam fell from the top of the monkey bars during Steven's practice.  I suppose soccer season may be a bust for this little guy!  He was a trooper though.  He is on his way home from the ER right now with Daddy.  I think tomorrow will be a movie and ice cream day for sure!

He choose this outfit for church.  I feel like he should be "mucking" in a wetland for LL Bean.  At least the rain boots match his shirt.

At the game, the players threw them all a ball!

Learning from Poppy

Does Eliza look like she is melting?  Because we were.  Our car said 100 when we got in after the game.....I do believe it was wrong....but seriously?!  100!

They had great General admission tickets!

We had to cool off with some ice cream in a ball cap!

Don't worry, we hadn't washed this yet......

Then we all rounded the bases!  Well....they all did.  Steven is about to touch third.

Way to go Sam! 

Eliza even did it!  I was actually kind of surprised!  She was a super star!

Loved this one.

Life here is good.  We are settling, making new friends and if any of you know me.... you know we're never too short of things to do.  Hope you are doing well too!

I'll let you know how homeschooling a kindergartner with a cast half way up his bicep goes (which will not start tomorrow)!