Hebrews 11:6

"...for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him." Hebrews 11:6



Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hunting Island

This is the first year since we have been educators that my husband has not had to go on the Senior trip to Europe.  While he is always excited to go, we were SUPER excited this year that he didn't have to!  So we decided as a family to go camping!  We hoped if we headed to the coast of SC that it would be warmer.  And while it was warmer....it was far from warm.  I suppose all I can say is that it didn't snow!  But after this trip my husband informed me I was a bit grumpier when I was cold....
Eliza potty trained herself the day before we left....and I mean that literally.  She had gotten to the point where she would go into her room, take off her diaper and bring me a new one.  Then she decided to tell me she needed to potty!  Not a single accident so far!

Here is a picture of our site.

The beach was just beyond that fence.

Steven did most of the cooking.

We even dug in the sand!

Somehow the boys were always wet regardless of the temperature.

Steven Edward invented this way to write his name in the sand.

We were SO thankful for the kitchen tent as it gave us a place to escape the wind.

We explored the beach, a few lagoons, and even found 30+ shark's teeth!

Did I mention the boys liked to get wet?

We took a "mountain bike ride" to a lighthouse (which was about 2 miles away).

Eliza fell asleep just before we got there.

We climbed all 100 feet up to the top of the lighthouse.

But we decided that Daddy should bike back to get the car, as the 2 miles back for us was a little much!

Here is a hand car that they would have used to bring oil onto the island for the lighthouse.

Did I mention they liked to get wet?

Friends ended up camping there too, so we were lucky enough to share 2 meals and lots of fun with them!

Hot chocolate was a must this time of year.

The boys learned to cast their fly rods at a lagoon.

Then they went fishing off a pier. 

Sadly no one had any luck.
Even though the temperatures were not ideal, we had a great time as a family and were very thankful for our first family spring break!