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Friday, May 2, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ball Game....

Let me begin this post by saying.... I hate baseball.  It has always been my least favorite sport.  While I may have collected cards as a little girl under the influence of her Uncle, major League baseball is just SO BORING!  I mean, do we really need to play that many games?  Take it from the NFL guys, less is more.  

But that aside, I also always told myself I would not make my children play the sports that I played.
If my precious little blonde haired beauty wanted to dance, I would grin and bear it.  I also promised myself I would attend all events and I would love it.  So, when my boys were asked what they wanted to play (mainly Steven responded), they said Hockey and Golf.  I choked on my own breath, chuckled, and said we'd have to pick different sports.  For so many reason those two sports were not real options for us.  So quickly they responded with BASEBALL.  It is what they play in the backyard with their friends, it is what they talk about.  Luckily this took place in the fall and baseball was not an option, so we convinced them soccer was a good idea.  But they just played to appease us.  What they really wanted was baseball.

So here we are, fall.  Friends had warned me, but I wouldn't listen (I know you're thinking, how unlike you Courtney?).  So we signed up.  I had NO IDEA.  We are at the ball field 4 nights a week!  Each boy has two games a week, and they LOVE it.  And I hate to admit it, I kind of love it too.  I get so into it!  I cheer!  I only encourage mind you, but I get so excited when my little boys get on a base or get an out.  It is lots of fun.  Lots of commitment too, but lots of fun.  But there is a sense of great sense among the parents, and so far I haven't run into any "crazy baseball parents."  Which may mean I'm it.... hmmmm....I think on that.  Now my  little girls wants a pink glove for her birthday.  Man!  I'm starring at my next 15 years!!!
Steven's age uses a pitching machine and you can actually strike out.

He's quite a good hitter!  He has gotten on base almost everytime!  Which (I hear) is pretty impressive.

He is one of the youngest and is a head shorter than all the other boys, but oh so cute!!!

When he played catcher, he was so little he had to throw off his helmet every time he caught the ball in order to be able to throw it back to the "pitcher."  It is very dramatic (and a little slow).

Sam plays t-ball.  They get 3 pitches from the coach and then they get to hit it off the T.  They really don't keep score.  He miraculously ties every game!

He is the most excited about the snack after the game, and really only stays on task if his Daddy is out of the field with him.   Otherwise he would just as soon throw his hat around the outfield and then go chase it.

The kids who aren't playing have just as much fun.  They all run around together making up their own games.  Eliza has about 5 babysitter (all ages 6-10) who like to help take care of her.

And i couldn't resist this picture.  This is our sweet Addie.  She is with us at least 2 days a week and we LOVE her.  She and Eliza share a birthday.  I think Addie is about 2 hours older.  They play like sisters and best friends (which means they play well and fight well).

And they both love Sam!