Hebrews 11:6

"...for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him." Hebrews 11:6



Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Adorable Sam

I really wanted to put a picture from Sam's 18 month photography session on here (big props to Warren Sanders - anyone in Asheville.... if you want a photographer.... look him up. He's great), but I seem to have lost the image. You will just have to come see it on our wall!

Because of lack of time, I have not been able to post about Sam as he has grown as often as I did with Steven Edward. So this post is solely devoted to my second son. He has completely captured my heart in a way that is indescribable. His smile has the power to melt an onlooker's heart and his charm is unmatchable. He loves people and he loves to entertain, and if the opportunity matches what he already desires to do.... he also loves to please.

He has literally hundreds of words. He can say whatever he wants. In fact his newest trick is to walk around saying my name - corn-ey. Finally after attempting to ignore it, we've had to start disciplining him for it, because he uses it as an act of rebellion... but I do have to admit it often makes me smile. One day he just walked up to me, calling me by name.... as if he'd made a new discovery all by himself. And man was he proud.

He is the definition of the child who can't be forced to do anything. He won't eat, apologize, or bathe unless he wants to (well, unless he is kicking and screaming through the process... and man can he scream). Often in the bath his entire body turns beat red from screaming so hard - not wanting to get in, not wanting to get out, or not wanting you to wash his hair. This doesn't mean he dislikes baths - with Sam it truly just depends on the night. He will teach me new creative discipline strategies as he grows that I never knew existed.

He loves to smile, dance, tackle his brother, antagonize his brother, cuddle, laugh, tickle..... and after I've tickled awhile yell... Stop Mom! (something like... Top, Mom!).

He has grown to love reading just like his brother always did. He will bring me book after book and say, "read it." After I finish he will look at me and say, "again!"

He loves to swing and be outside. And while he is incredibly agile and adventurous for his age - he has a keen understanding of what his body can do and very seldom tries anything he is not sure he can tackle. He climbs ladders at parks, goes down the biggest slide by himself, climbs over the arm of our couch and drops to the floor, jumps off of steps with both feet, and pretty much takes life running head on.

But one thing Sam has never been is easy. As high as his highs.... he can turn on a dime. He is the child I have to watch at every turn. For example.... as his brother makes a puddle of urine on the ground outside.... Sam is the one stomping in it (true story sadly). Or as I am helping Steven at the potty.... Sam is sneaking his tooth brush out of the cup and running to dip it in the little potty, which we unfortunately have not emptied yet. I literally could go on with stories like this for several paragraphs. But somehow, with that much personality you can't help but love him and laugh right along with him. His personality and joy for life is contagious.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mudrun take Two

So after our first mud run, it was a must that we do another. So we found one in Pinnacle NC (where is that you say? who knows really..... between pilot mountain and hanging rock at a camp ground). We created two teams, a boys team (which someone ended up just being Steven and a guy named David) and a girls team (which included Millie, Stephanie, Mary and myself). It was quite an adventure and MUCH different than the first one we did. Not as many man made obstacles, but much harder terrain (God made obstacles! Huge hills, rivers, lots of steep climbs, and over 90 degree heat in the middle of the day). The last obstacle was a mudpit that far outdid our last race..... enjoy the pictures.

Our team name... the Nimble Newts (I defintely had a 50 year old woman ask me what that meant).
Mary made all the t-shirts... aren't they sweet!
We did have a fan club.
This was a group start..... I think the speedo boys won.

The masses headed towards the trail head

The mud pit.... stocked with Marines to yell at you.

About to take the dive
Yep.... there ya go.

There were ropes, so you had to literally crawl. I think my husband actually swam.

You had to cross the finish line linked arm in arm with your team. As you can see the terrain was a bit slippery! I almost lost a shoe going into the pit because the clay was so.... sticky.

This was after the race.... see what a fire hose can do! Doesn't Millie look shiny?!

***And I can't forget to give a shout out to my mom, who watched 3 toddlers and a dog while we ran.... and my Dad, who was our own personal photographer. Thanks guys! *****

Friday, June 11, 2010

Slow to Update

Sorry guys - I seem to be slow to update my blog lately

Last weekend, my husband and I took the trip down to Atlanta for the weekend. One of my closest friends from college was having an engagement party.... and for fear we won't be able to make the wedding, we made it priority to be there now! So my parents came up to watch the boys, and we headed down childless to Georgia! It was great. We were very generously given a place to stay by a friend (thanks Mark!....and for the suggestion Jen!) so we were able to make the weekend of it for a very affordable price!

We started our morning by heading out to a great breakfast at Thumbs Up. It was a great little place (that could have been in Asheville based on its decor and menu) in East Point. Then we headed to Atlanta's biggest art museum. The High Museum of Art.

It was really a mix of all types of art... but i must say after living in Manhattan, it wasn't quite as impressive as a NYC museum. We were pleased to find out that we even got in for free for being Bank of America customers (this is true on the first Saturday of every month).

Their special exhibit was on cars entitled The Allure of the Automobile. It was interesting, but not what i expected in a fancy art museum.

As always though, my favorite was French Impressionism. I loved the Monet and my husband like the Pissaro.

Then we headed to Little Five Points to hang out and eat lunch. I will refrain from stating my opinion publicly about that adventure - but I will say we had wonderful Turkish food.... but if you want it, maybe you should carry it out.

Then we headed out that night to the party for Niki and Seth! We had a great time and it was so good to catch up with old friends. Congratulations guys!