Hebrews 11:6

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Well - this isn't a witty story or a cute picture. I almost didn't even blog about this, but I figured there are people who I don't keep close contact with who may read this and be able to pray.

As many of you know I have had difficult pregnancies in the past. Steven Edward's entry to the world and the circumstances surrounding it were dramatic to say the least. And while Sam's was more "normal," it still had it's share of complications. These come from a very rare condition I have during pregnancy (less than 1/10% of women have this.... that is like 1 in 10,000) called Cholestasis of Pregnancy. The briefest way I can explain it is to say I have an over active liver. It creates high levels of bile acids and liver counts which could ultimately end in a still born birth in the third trimester. But my Doctors have always assured me that with careful monitoring and me paying close attention to her patterns, this won't be me.

What it means for me is that I go to the Dr. two times a week for several hours each time to do blood work, ultra sounds, intensive monitoring, and see the doctor. It also means I have to keep careful track of how often baby girl moves (I have purchased a timer with four buttons that I actually carry with me all the time and press every time I feel her so I can always know when she moved last). My doctors are amazing and have taken great care of me so far -but needless to say this condition comes with fears and lots of emotional stress (as well as the physical stress of my entire body itching all the time). Best case scenerio would be that all the monitoring goes smoothly, I do an amniocentesis at 36 weeks, and they take the baby by C-Section later that day assuming her lungs are formed.

Please pray that ultimately my baby girl will be safe and healthy, that the Doctors will have a clear indication of what to do at each step, and that if there is something wrong with her.... I will know beyond a shadow of a doubt. That is how Steven Edward made it here... I just had a sinking feeling something was wrong and Doctors who were super on top of it. God has brought us through this twice before and I have faith he will and can do it again. Please be in prayer for me, my Doctors, and my husband based on the extra pressure this puts on him.