Hebrews 11:6

"...for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him." Hebrews 11:6



Saturday, May 26, 2012

Change of Setting

Hey guys, I have decided to make this a restricted blog.  I plan to do it within a week or two.  What that means is that you will need to email me to get a login for the site.  Once you login once, you should be able to get to the site without logging in each time.  Please add a comment or send me an email if you are interested in being included on the list of readers.  This is an effort to protect my kids!  So let me know if you would like access.   Thanks!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Long Road....

 So long.... that this is how I have felt much of the process.....
 It has taken MANY weekends.......

 ....but at least it involved lots of family "fun"!

 The boys have really learned how to use tools.  In fact, Steven Edward took some of his own birthday money to buy his very own hammer and tape measure.  Of course, Daddy didn't want to get the kid version.... so my child is using a 16 oz. hammer. 

This is the response I will get to putting the hammer mockery on the post, I'm sure...
 There were some rainy days.....
but eventually.....
...mama's garage was no longer smelly, and she was no longer at risk of finding perching chicks on her van.
There is still the painting to finish, the run to do.... and I'm sure countless other small jobs.  But the chickens are in!  Bye bye play house, hello to an open garage door again!  Now on to other projects I'm sure!  What is the summer for anyway?!  Checking things off!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Girl is One!!!

 It is quite hard to believe my little girl is one!  It has gone so fast in some ways and SO slow in others.  It seems like an eternity ago that I was bound to the couch fearfully awaiting the day of her arrival.  But alas it has!  I resisted having a "party" for her as she is so young and doesn't really have any concept of such things.  But eventually I caved and we met some friends at the park for a picnic lunch.  There were no cupcakes as she had never had sweets yet and we wanted to wait for Daddy to be a part of that as well.

 They brought balloons.....

 and some pink gifts......

 some baby doll accessories.....
 And then we headed to our house for dinner with family and God parents. 

 She was not interested in even trying her cake.  All that work for nothing!  Precious princess and the pea, too picky to try something new.

 But she did enjoy her new gifts!
It was so much commotion we didn't even give her our gifts or Grandparents gifts until the next day!  Oh to be a social butterfly, one, and the center of attention.  She had a great day.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girls Weekend

 My mom and sister came to visit this weekend for a belated birthday present to us all.  We spent all day together on Saturday "adventuring" (as Steven Edward would say).  We started the morning with a Asheville Zipline Canopy Tours and then went on a few different hikes in Pisgah National Forest.... driving past some sights at Dupont as well.  What a day we had!  AND my amazing husband kept the kids all day!

Notice my mother "Tebowing" on the bridge.  Go mom!  We had a great time in the trees!


The water was pretty cold, so we opted to only get our ankles wet!  But the views were great and by the end of the day.... we were pretty tired!  What a great day of adventure.