Hebrews 11:6

"...for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him." Hebrews 11:6



Friday, November 1, 2013


We had the priveladge of speding the evening with good friends on Halloween.  We had great soup and then went out of the town!  We had....
Princess Leia

Luke Skywalker and Knight

Obi Wan and UPS delivery man... we really crossed all generations and galaxies!

May the Force be with you....

Once Leia found out what she got.... she was off and running the entire night!

Aren't they cute!  Compliments abounded.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Upward Soccer

Steven and I got roped into coaching two different soccer teams.  The great thing about the league is that everyone has very low expectations.  The environment isn't very competitive and it's super encouraging for the kids.  I am coaching the 4 year olds.... it's HYSTERICAL.  The thing that has been the hardest has been getting them to follow directions.  This includes instructions like,  "Don't wrestle, don't hug, don't touch other players during the game or practice!"   

The picture below happened as I was trying to line them up for a picture.  It happens all the time.  I mean.... ball goes out of bounds, 4 boy pile up.  Ball in the  middle of the field, tackle other members of the other team for fun.  And when one goes down, the rest pile on.  The more comfortable they have become with one another, the more it has happened.  Last practice I made a deal with them that if they didn't tackle all practice they could tackle me at the end.  This was their favorite part.... the whole team chasing after me with smiles on their faces until I let them catch me and piling on top.  All 6 kids on top of me and all of us laughing.  I actually really like these kids.

The closest we got to a team picture.  Except my son is threatening another playing.

I look down and notice.....

The correction.

continued correction.

not so remorseful.

Everyone say we love soccer!

Never did end up with a "good" group photo.  Oh well.  It sure is a good example of our team!

Monday, September 23, 2013

My First NFL game!

Steven and I decided to use some of our entertainment money to go to an NFL game.  We were already headed to Charlotte to be with good friends, and they offered to watch so we could go to the Panthers vs. Giants game.  It was such a blast.  Not a family environment that is for sure... but fun.  As a Giants fan it left a little to be desired (we got trounced 38-0... the Giants were AWFUL) but it was still a good time and a great date with my husband!
The "clashing of blues"  We still have the best colors even if our Offensive Line sucks!

Love the self portrait!

This was our view of the Charlotte skyline.

Had to get the full field shot!
And here are our great friends and amazing babysitters!  Thanks guys!  We had such a great time visiting.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September So Far...

We went to the WNC State Fair with friends (and Nana!).  The boys LOVED the rides.  Eliza.... not so much.  She did enjoy the merry go round if I was holding her.

 We started playing soccer (and even got roped into coaching.  I'm coaching Sam's team and Steven is coaching Steven Edward's).  Sam is 3rd behind the ball (#6).  Upward only has two colors and the jersey is reversible.  So this week both boys were "away" which meant they both were in blue.
Eliza was a terror because majority of the game she didn't get what she wanted, which happened to be running on the field!

Here he is throwing it in.

Favorite time was snack time at the end for sure!
 Since we're doing Upward, we don't keep score.  But if we had.... Sam's team won 2-0!

 Steven's team was not so lucky.  But they had a great time.  It was honestly a great way to spend a family Saturday morning!
It was a bit easier to get action shots of Steven because the kids spread out more!

There he is making a cut!
And Sam started his CC preschool class and made some new good friends!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Last Summer Vacation!

Every year we try to make it to the family vacation spot on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.  It is a long drive, but totally worth it!  So much fun for the kids and such great time with family.  This year we went shrimping, fishing, skiing, and tubing; we painted finger nails, did hair, met 2nd cousins, crafted artwork out of clay, caught crabs, swam, went off a diving board, and spent such good time on the beach.  The kids LOVED it.  
 Enjoy the pictures - there are many!

Nails - purple of course!


9 cousins and 2 second cousins

Nana's Birthday

Holding our newest cousin!

Daddy's shoes

Some reading time....
Dirty hands

Crabs -soon to be yummy crab cakes!
Our "sam" castle
Our little Blue Angels!


Then this guy came home and wanted to look like his cousin!  And believe me, my husband was probably the mastermind behind it.  Speaking of living our lives again through our children!  So now I have a son with a mo-hawk and Star Wars light-up shoes.  There are truly no words.  You best believe it will be shaved off by next Sunday!