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Friday, January 23, 2009

A Few Photos

Here are some fun photos from around our house this January!

It is so nice to have a day in the 40s and 50s scattered among those 20 degree days! Yesterday we played around outside for a bit!

Here are some pics from a 20 degree day where we searched for other entertainment. We did research on the importance of eating your vegetables....as you can see.

Here is Sam with one of his friends, Ella Brooks Maslin, who was due the same day as Sam was! Since Sam was early and Ella Brooks was a bit early too....there is a 3 week age difference.

And this is a quiz....what part of the body is this?

That's right ladies and gentlemen, that is a close up of Sam's left inner thigh. I cropped it so as to keep it decent for viewers of all ages. Below is a G rated version

Sam is about 4 pounds ahead of where Steven Edward was at this age...nice. Every time just before he eats, he gets this big grin on his face. No wonder he's not ready to sleep through the night.....he likes eating too much.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow and Smiles All Around!

Yesterday should have been the culmination of our MLK weekend....but we were blessed with snow today (unexpected holidays are like unexpected gifts...the best)! So Steven was able to stay home with us, and unlike our last snow day, this time we had boots, gloves, and a grocery store sled! Steven Edward loved sledding even though he was not interested in actually touching the snow. I suppose the 20 degree temperatures may have had something to do with that! We managed to coordinate our sledding with Sam's morning nap so we were both able to go and enjoy the snow with him.

Some shots of the boys. For all who know, Sam was our super fun colicky child. BUT...he has been completely different for the past week, and is so much more fun to be around now! I actually like him! He is going to bed early like Steven Edward, and even though he doesn't sleep through the night, I feel like I actually get to talk to my husband again! I'm slowly beginning to feel human again :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

The true redneck

Steven Edward's first camo "hunting" hat. He had to sport it the true redneck way...

Thanks Nanny!

Sam's smile even when snotty and goopy eyed!

The tongue game!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Samuel 2.5 months

Picture taken by Tiffany Cornwall

So our Samuel is trying to rapidly catch his older brother in size. Yesterday we went for his 2 month appointment (he is actually about 2.5 months) and he weighed about 15.5 pounds. What? Crazy! How does this happen. I don't really consider Steven or myself to be chubby (if you think otherwise please don't let me know), but we sure produce chubby boys. Way to go Sam!

Here are a few pictures of Steven Edward at around 3-4 months....Sam has some real competition!

Steven Edward on July 4th (almost exactly 3 months of age)

Steven Edward in August of 07 (about 4 months of age)

It also seems (I think but can't be 100% because he and I are both still sick) that Sam is getting over his colic! I am starting to be able to enjoy him when he is awake and not dread that time (because he would cry majority of the time), and bedtime is starting to be a bit easier. There are really no pictures of him from about 5 weeks until now....because he was generally either crying or sleeping. Now he is cooing, smiling in response, and he loves to stick his tongue out at you (he always laughs when you do it to him). Thanks Meliss for finding that out! I am just about to start letting him fall asleep on his own and I think that will make my life so much easier. We'll see.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Delayed Wish for Healthy Winter Days

Last winter we lived in New York City in a 500 square foot apartment. It goes without saying that the weather wasn't always fit for playing outside, so we spent much of our time in a community playroom in the bottom of the building. That is until we figured out it was a haven for germs during winter sick season. We spent much of the winter trading colds with our friends....they would mutate and then we would get them back again. That is one part of New York I was NOT sad to leave. This winter in the suburbs would be different. After all, our house is much bigger and the sickness would not be so confined.... little did I know....

This Christmas we were able to spend good time with both families. We started at my family's house. My sister and her kids were there too and we had a great time. The unfortunate part is that on the second day we spent much of the day in urgent care waiting to find out that Sam had an ear infection and RSV. Later that week we went to the ER because he was exhibiting signs of having trouble breathing....by the time we got there, though, he was fast asleep and definitely not in distress. The nurses actually looked at us and asked us if it was a follow-up visit. Nice.

We then headed to Steven's family's house in Chapel Hill where all five siblings were able to gather with their families for Christmas day. Unfortunately, just after Christmas, Steven Edward fell off of a bench on the deck, hitting the side of wooden stairs which ended up getting him his first trip the to ER - two staples in the head. The next morning (due to allergies and such) my husband had to go to the doctor because of asthma. Then our nephew and Steven's mom came down with an awful virus that brought an extremely high temperature. By the time we got home Steven Edward had a 104.8 temperature. It was New Year's day and we were faced with the decision of heading back to the ER for a fourth time this break, so we decided to wait it out. He is still quite miserable but slowly getting better....just in time for my husband and I to begin to notice sore throats and possible achy bodies....we're either getting sick or paying from the lack of sleep from last night (thanks Sam). All of this is my excuse for being so late in posting. But somehow even through all this, we very much enjoyed spending time with our families. And it was MUCH easier to cope with when we had lots of hands to help.

Maggie and Steven on the piano

The Kent Breedlove Family

The Entire Breedlove-Dasher-Linden Family

The Brothers - Kent, Thomas, Steven, and James


The three Stevens in green

Millie and Lij

Me hanging stockings

Lij hanging his first stocking

Steven's new car transporter

Steven Edward's new hat

Sally and Ellen

All the grandkids in their stunning striped pajamas
Lij, Joseph, Maggie, Steven Edward, and Sam

Sam in his usual state....hanging his first stocking